Reckitt Benckiser

Infographic Design

My Role


  • Visual Design

The Client


Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s purpose-driven strategy delivers consistent and sustainable growth as it continues consolidating its focus on health, hygiene, and home.

The Project


As a Visual Designer at Clear Strategy McSaatchi, I helped the strategy team present their findings and expose them in a major presentation with Stakeholders.  I translated the data into an infographic showing quantitative and qualitative findings.

The Goal


The infographic part was essential because it helped communicate complex information in a more easily digestible and visually appealing format.  We also helped make the presentation more memorable and shareable, which can be especially important for marketing purposes.

Planning the Content


In this step, I determined the content for the infographic.  We had a lot of research materials; I got with the research team to do an in-depth analysis and summarize the main data points.  I developed an outline to guide and inform my design; I aimed to create an eye-catching, informative infographic and Pen Portraits.

Research Pages Samples

Pen Portraits


A “pen portrait” is a written description of a person or a specific type of customer.  It provides a detailed profile that describes key characteristics, behaviors, preferences, demographics, psychographics, and other relevant details that help you communicate better with them.  This helped frame the customer segments easily and practically.