Visual Design  + Video Editing + Motion Graphics + Art Direction

My Role


  • Photography and Video Editing
  • Visual Design
  • Digital Design – Responsive Splash Page

The Client


Ocaso is an organization based in Costa Rica that promotes and supports the surf community.

The Project


I helped Ocaso to design and develop its online presence and create an experience that genuinely reflects its culture. Besides the art direction, I was in charge of digital and visual design, video editing, and motion graphics.



I started by researching Ocaso Brand Guidelines and connected with their Creative Team.  They walked me through their brand aesthetics but never researched about their users – they know them very well!  The surf community is a very supportive family, and they didn’t want to spend resources on other studies than the main event invite.  These learnings allowed me to focus on designing a direct, responsive one-page site showcasing the info and the event concept.  Because a high percentage of their audience uses mobile devices, responsiveness was a must.  I helped them understand the importance of this and opened their ‘curiosity’ about UX mentality to elevate their site in the future.


Project Scope


Splash Page Design

Teaser Video

Poster Design

Ocaso Teaser Video


I created a Teaser Video for the event as part of the project.  I had the opportunity to do some of the shots locally and curated all the content, including the score (music).

Apps I used:


Splash Page Design

I wanted to translate the look and feel of the location into the design; I created a color palette from the sunset at the location and connected all the modules with vertical lines to add fluidity while telling the story.

Poster Design